For one night only talented individuals performed Broadway songs at our “Puttin’ On The Hits” fundraiser. This fundraiser, which included a silent auction, raised much needed funds that will help make up for lower-than-expected revenue generated by productions in recent years.

A financial gap has put Webster Theatre Guild’s mission at risk. If you were unable to attend the show but still would like to donate to the Webster Theatre Guild you can do so at



Magic To Do – Ensemble
Ease on Down the Road – Ensemble
Happiness – Ensemble
Privilege to Pee – Abby Adair Reinhard
Moving Right Along -Abby Adair Reinhard and Brynn Lucas
Money Medley – Abby and Brynn
Anything Goes – Brynn Lucas, Julie, Jeanette, Holly
Just the Gas -Griffin Schmackpfeffer and Tyler Hecht
If I Told You – CJ and Sydney
It’s Your Wedding Day – CJ Garbin, Sydney Howard, Griffin Schmackpfeffer and Tyler Hecht
These Are My Children – Jena Overbeck
Nothing – Jena Overbeck
Maybe This Time – Holly Lowden
Close Every Door – Joseph Mayernik
I Can’t Say No – Rory Cushman
I’ve Gotta Crow – Jody Manley
The Impossible Dream – John Manly
Somewhere – Liz Miranda
Over the Rainbow – Liz Miranda
This is the Moment – Scott Shutts
Boy Buffet – Dresden Engle and guests
Priest or Poolboy, Sinner or Saint – Dresden Engle and guests

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