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Serving Webster, NY for over 80 years and still going strong.

1936 was a memorable year, the Statue of Liberty turned 50, the Hoover Dam was completed. The Academy Awards officially named their gold statuettes “Oscars”. The Yankees won their 5th World Championship. And we, the Webster Theatre Guild, were born. Founded in 1936 by Erva Smith and Rev. John Schott, the Webster Theatre Guild is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization, and our mission is to provide area residents the opportunity to both attend and to participate in quality presentations of a cross section of the finest theatrical works available.  The Guild also supports artistic endeavors and development through student scholarships, and grants to the Webster PTSA and Webster Central School District.

The 2019 Board of Directors

  • Annie Corriveau
    Annie Corriveau Secretary
  • Elissa Burke
    Elissa Burke Treasurer
  • Scott Shutts
    Scott Shutts Vice President
  • Jim Pringle
    Jim Pringle President
  • Josh Burke
    Josh Burke Board Member
  • Erica Hernandez
    Erica Hernandez Board Member
  • Mark Stoetzel
    Mark Stoetzel Board Member
  • Paula Steffen
    Paula Steffen Board Member
  • Anthony Jagla
    Anthony Jagla Board Member
  • George Barberi
    George Barberi Board Member
  • Jeanine Cushman
    Jeanine Cushman Board Member
  • John Myers
    John Myers Board Member

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