Eva Duarte Peron rises from poverty to become an Argentinian actress and the wife of powerful President Juan Peron. Through a series of flashbacks, Eva transforms from an impoverished teenager into a woman of influence and power. After the death of her father, Eva travels to Buenos Aires and begins a string of relationships with powerful men, including Augustin Magaldi, before she meets Juan. Eva’s ultimate power and influence earn her both admiration and hatred.

Evita Poster


Director: John Murphy
Vocal Director: Al Heary
Choreographer: Jillian Miller
Orchestral Director: Ron Bowks
Technical Director: Michael Johnston


Eva Duarte Peron – Laura Marron
Juan Peron – J. Simmons
Che – Reynaldo DeGuzman
Augustin Magaldi – Joseph Mayernik
Peron’s Mistress – Shanthi Kelley

Dance Ensemble
Chris Eklund, Scott Shutts, Michael Hall, Jake Purcell, Samantha Lasch, Adam Leahy, Michelle Leszczynski, Lauren Marie Giancola, Lauren MacDonough, Kelly Ann Murray, Bridget Renfer, David Robichaud, Elisha Rock, Ricky Schroeder

Kathryn Beachner, Christopher Cain, Courtney Chester, Jennifer Bradley, Morgan Chester, Rich Chester, Annie Corriveau, Ellen DeLaire, Cathy DOlan, Wyatt Doremus, Audrone Gecas, Lauren Marie Giancola, Lissa Hobbs, Richard Miller, Christopher Cain, Sadie Mueller, Katie Murphy, Andrea Reynolds, Scott Schutts, Catherine Sinscalco
Theater Owner – Michael Johnston
Eva’s Family -Sadie Mueller, Samantha Lasch, Kelly Murray, Elisha Rock, Scott Shutts
Eva’s Lovers – Christopher Cain, Scott Shutts
Officers/Army Generals – Chris Eklund, Michael Hall, Jake Purcell, Adam Leahy, David Robichaud, Christopher Cain
Suitcase Workers – Scott Shutts, Jake Purcell, Ricky Schroeder
Dressers – Chris Eklund, Scott Shutts, Ricky Schroeder, Samantha Lasch
Italian Admiral – Rich Chester
Heavies – Bob Cushman, Brian Gutman
Embalmers – Chris Eklund, Scott Shutts, Ricky Schroeder
Children’s Chorus – Taylor CHester, Rose Contario, Jacque Duncan, Katie Halpin, Ryan Hartzell, Tyler Herzog, Joey Mayernik, Emily Marie Miller, Baltazar Ortiz, Laura Saitta, Griffin Schmackpfeffer, Gabby Scibetta

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